Geeks vs. Hipsters [Infographic]

Here we go again! That is probably what you are thinking as the awkward silence takes over the room while you read this. And to reply to that statement, I would just have to say, yes. It’s not so much the comparison in itself that makes me excited about this infographic, but the fact that we get to check out the different lifestyles each of these “stereotypes” involve. Before anyone starts ranting and going furious about the fact that something is out of line when it comes to this infographic, I would just like to say that there are of course other things that geeks and hipsters might want to add to this list, but there is only room for so much.

After all the commotion that transpired last time we published the Geeks vs. Nerds infographic, I would foresee the same thing this time around. That doesn’t scare off BecomeCareer and Geeks Are Sexy though. They still went ahead and created this quite interesting and, to say the least, intriguing infographic. Stereotyping geeks, nerds and hipsters seems to kick up quite a stir. A lot of people have their own opinion about the matter, and as far as I know, the broad spectrum of them all really interlock into each other, more or less.

So have a look at this infographic and tell me, is this as close to depicting a geek and a hipster and the differences between them as we can get, or are they once again off the mark? Only you, the true geeks, nerds and hipsters out there can answer this. And since no one can really be all of them, we would have to rely on the masses to answer this question. Is there anything else that is missing in this infographic that should have gone into it? Some people have greatly debated the difference between geeks and hipsters, so let’s see if this could possibly resolve the issue. Should we really even call it an issue? I mean, they are two different lifestyles that have their own specific direction of interests, right?

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Via: [Geeks Are Sexy]