Got Pennies? Largest Penny Design Pyramid!

Saving up your money for something special? Well, this guy did and it’s not exactly what you would have thought. Marcelo Bezos (hmm…last name thrillingly close to Pesos) saved up all his pennies for the last 35 years and set out on a mission. He was going to break the world record in building the largest Penny Pyramid in the world (I didn’t even know a previous record existed).

He managed to save up 289.000 pennies and started building. He captured everything in Time Lapse and what took 300 hours to build you can now watch in approximately 3 minutes flat. He says he will continue saving his pennies and add to the pyramid until it reaches 500.000 pennies. Which by the way is the limit of the table he is building it in top of. Oh, and the 289.000 pennies he has right now weighs close to 1 ton. Talk about a sturdy table.

The Collapse – Ooooh!