Hello Kitty In Ghostbusters: The Cosplay Proton Pack

It would be a valid question to ask how many of you are actually into cosplay, and what you wear to these gatherings. Why? Because as the Comic Cons are getting larger, we will definitely see a lot more of these homemade awesome costumes. Some of the custom wears are actually way better than the ones they are based on. In a way, they are more creative and way more detailed than the stuff we keep seeing in games or movies. It’s amazing to me that people spend so much time on these things in order to be the coolest kid at the events. It’s inspiring really. Another question though would be what do people do with these things once they have worn them a couple of times? Does anyone know?

One of the most hilarious ones I have seen so far must be the one that was captured by Caleb Goellner of Comics Alliance at the Comic Con in New York not too long ago. It’s all about Ghostbusters, but it has quite a unique twist to it. It’s entirely geekified as a Hello Kitty proton pack, and if there has never been anything girly about the Ghostbusters, this is certainly is the first time. All you have to do is to take a look at it, and you know it’s one of those “holy shit” ideas!

Once again, it is a custom-made cosplay accessory, and you have to admit that it’s just brilliant. Look at the detail on it! If you have ever wanted some attention, this is the thing you should be sporting at geek events that are like a smelt oven for geeks. If the original Ghostbusters would have had these, I am sure the whole series of movies would have been quite different, don’t you think? By the way, does anyone know the status of the upcoming incarnation of the Ghostbusters movie? I mean, is it still on? Will it actually be made?

Hello Kitty Ghostbusters Proton Pack