How to Cook Pancakes! or Not?!

What is your favorite breakfast food? Mine is pancakes. And just recently I have discovered lots of ways that people prepare them. Some are outrageous, others just downright funny.

Presenting the ChefStack Automatic Pancake Machine. Flapjack lovers, rejoice. Now you can make fresh, 97% fat-free pancakes in as little as 30 seconds using the ChefStack Automatic Pancake Machine ($3,500). This microwave-sized wonder uses no-mess batter pouches to crank out stack after stack of four- inch diameter pancakes, and doesn’t even require supervision, letting you cook up breakfast for you and your crew while you get your other morning activities out of the way — like taking a shower, brushing your teeth, or downing a half-dozen mimosas.

howtopancakeHow about you gamers out there? I mean casual gamers.. Here is a game where you are given a recipe and you try to prepare and cook the pancake in record time.  It’s cooking without sweating.  The game is called Pancake Day!  Its cooking virtually.  You beat the eggs, add the milk, flour etc. You listen to serene music while you play.  Go ahead and try it.  If you search the site there are other more games to play.

And I also included a video. Here is how to cook pancakes in 55 seconds flat!  (whew)!

Lastly is a video on How Not to Cook Pancakes! LOL