Idiots Eat Worlds Hottest Pepper – That’s Hot!

Why bring this up? Well, just had a truly hot chili dinner and of course had to expand my knowledge on the Pepper itself. Turns out the Habanero Pepper is the worlds hottest pepper (rumor says there are two hotter though) and should not be consumed in it’s wholeness. However, apparently there are some people out there that wants to burn their taste buds away never again being able to taste the food they eat. But then again, maybe they gain a few points for being brave. However, the idiot points sure must bring them way beneath any “I am cool” scale currently existing.

To scare you off this idiocracy trail here are some Habanero Pepper reactions that might inspire you NOT to eat these devilish vegetables. “Now That’s Hot” as Paris Hilton would have said it…