iPhone 5 Popsicle Will Not Taste Like Apple

There are a lot of rumors going around about new products from Apple which haven’t been confirmed or denied. Some say that Apple is working on launching a television, but that has not been confirmed either. Apple CEO, Tim Cook, said during Apple’s last keynote that everyone should be ready this year since Apple is going to release a lot of ground breaking products. However, what those are no one really knows. It could of course be a way to strike up some hype now that Steve Jobs isn’t there to inspire new customers to take on Apple’s products. Or, maybe they are really going to release some new gadgets to show off to the world in a few months. We can only speculate.

Is the iPhone 5 going to be announced this year? That is a question that millions of people have asked so far. I can’t see Apple saying anything until their next keynote, and we know that rumors are not to be trusted. We’ve been burned by them too many times already. The only real exposure that left Apple furious was the iPhone that Gizmodo managed to get a hold of and blast images and videos out into the world about.

It turns out, you don’t have to wait long to buy an iPhone 5. All you need to do is actually hit up the Weibo store and buy one. It might not be to your taste, but it has the name all printed on its packaging so what else could it be, right? Well, it’s actually a popsicle that comes in two different flavors. You can choose between pear and mango, and the only question you’ll be left with after buying this thing is where the apple flavored one is. Maybe it was too close for comfort to actually put that flavor in it. After all, they are already using the name of a soon to be worldwide gadget.


Via: [Technabob]