iPhone Games In Real Life: Angry Birds, Cut The Rope & More

Sometimes you just have to get that gaming out of you, and one of these blockbuster games for the iPhone is as good a choice as any. I recently read an article about how many birds had been slingshot, how many levels had been played, and all kinds of other statistics about Angry birds. The numbers were all in the excess of billions. I think all together all players had played over 40 billion levels in Angry Birds. That is insane! There were, as there usually are, some statistics about how many hours had been spent playing this game and let me tell you, it was years and years of hours. I think I pushed it out of my memory just because I didn’t want to know.

So, clearly people like to play games on their iPhone, right? Well, someone had to take things a little farther and put it all into live action. The band Hey Geronimo used their wits to put together a really funny music video to their song “Why Don’t We Do Something?” It’s a reenactment of some of the most successful games that have appeared on the platform, and it will give you a whole new perspective to gaming.

This video is actually quite well done, and I must say that the song isn’t too shabby either. It’s yet another testament to the huge impact games can have in our lives. Well, that depends on how much you like games I guess. By the looks of it, people truly enjoy Angry Birds and some people can’t get enough of Cut The Rope either, so there, we are all gamers in one way or another. Now I really want to play some real life Angry Birds! That looks like a boatload of fun!

iPhone Games In Real Life

iPhone Games In Real Life

Via: [UFunk – French]