Just What We All Need | The Han Solo Carbonite Desk

Geek alert! I am an insane Star Wars fan. Go ahead, ask me any question… I’ve seen every movie at least 25 times, probably more. I got so excited when I saw this desk that my hands started shaking. This is ubber cool.

Introducing, the Han Solo Carbonite Desk: This particular desk is a one of a kind creation that was created by Tom Spina Designs for the lead singer of the group Casting Crowns. It is constructed out of steel and even has lights on the sides that create an orange glow. It took Tom and his crew two months to build this desk.

Tom Spina designs all kinds of movie inspired furniture. Check out his replica of Captain Kirk’s chair from Star Trek HERE. It’s called the “Galactic Throne.” It is perfect for entertaining aliens at your next cocktail party. There are only five of these chairs are available. Someday, when I’m rich and famous, I’m going to call Tom Spina and order a Princess Leia bed complete with a white canopy. I can envision it now. Thank you to @CTK1 for sending a tweet with all kinds of geeky stuff that gave me the inspiration to write this post.