LEGO Star Wars Movie: The Escape Of The Black Stormtrooper

Alright, it might not be a long feature movie, but LEGO short movies have always been very entertaining to say the least.  Stop motion movies really took off a few years back, and it’s no wonder that people buy those colorful blocks as much as they do.  We all want to get in on the fun and make something as creative and awesome as what we see in these short movies.  Usually it takes quite some time and a crap load of LEGO blocks to build up such a scenery as we see in most of these movies, but that doesn’t scare us from trying.  And, that’s a great thing cause with every little new short movie, the world of LEGO expands a little more in our minds.  When they are Star Wars oriented, it’s even more fun and inspirational.

Donald Faison, the builder, director, writer, animator and editor is known for his awesome Star Wars geekiness.  I think the awesomeness in this short movie isn’t the fact that it has a black stormtrooper, but rather the insanely detailed and professionally lit sets that the animation takes place in.  That’s not to mention the sick builds that more than portray the scale and size of the whole world.

I sure wouldn’t mind watching a whole feature movie with these kinds of sets and builds.  It would be a pleasure really.  I mean, sure I am a geek, but this kind of nerdery can’t be passed up by anyone.  It’s too great and too well done.  Period!

Luke Skywalker In Black Stormtrooper

Darth Vader In Black Stormtrooper