Pixel Star Wars: Welcome Back To The 8-Bit Days!

Many people who remember the ’80s know that the pixel was the most favored computer generated substance. Everything was built up of pixels, and it made our days fun and exciting. They were everywhere from in the games we played to the matrix printer that we astonished over while it slowly plotted the letters we wrote on the screen. Even today the pixel is the one thing that makes up everything we see on the screen. They even make up the letters and images you are looking at now, even though they are in a more compact form.

Andy Rash is one of those people who certainly knows how to keep the true memory of the pixel alive. Today people seem to have forgotten that we still work with pixels. The ones that do not are possibly designers and printers. For them, there is nothing more valuable than the pixel itself.

Even Star Wars had its share of the computer generated magic when we see them traveling through the Death Star ditches to destroy it from within. However, I bet you have never seen Star Wars in the form of 8-Bit graphics. You will be able to instantly tell what character it is even though it’s made up of just a few big pixels. I find it amazing that you can create so much with so little. It takes a brilliant mind to put together something so complex with a few pixels. Let the pixel rule, forever.