R2-D2 Ballerina Cosplay: This Is The Droid You’ve Been Looking For

R2-D2 is my favorite Star Wars character. He always has been. Of course, Leia is a close second, but there is just something about that little droid that makes me feel warm and cozy. If he was real, I’d adopt him in a nano-second. Maybe someday we’ll all get to have interactive R2-D2 holograms in our homes. That would be awesome!

I must be in a R2-D2 mood today. A few hours ago, I wrote about some hand painted R2-D2 shorts that I would love to have, and now I found this R2-D2 ballerina cosplay dress that is completely adorable. When I was a little girl, I was a ballerina, but we never got to wear cool costumes like this.

That was back in the days when it wasn’t cool to be a geek, especially a Star Wars geek. These days it’s a lot different, and if I had a little girl, I’d design her one of these costumes for sure. This costume is called “Artoo Tuto,” and it’s from JINX designer Leeloo (aka Samantha). I like this enough that I would wear it for Halloween this year. Now if I can just find someone who wants to dress up as C-3PO I’d be all set. Samantha has made a lot of costumes, and you can see her complete collection on her flickr page. You can find her fashion designs on JINX. If you want to see more Star Wars cosplay, click over to Miss Death Star.




Via: [Fashionably Geek]