Relaxation Shopping: The Customization Of A Shopping Cart

Anyone who has a household to maintain knows that shopping can not only be tedious, but it can also take up your entire evening if you’re not careful. The phrase “relaxation shopping” isn’t exactly something that is common to most people. Going to the store can be stressful, and usually we have no clue what to buy so we’re flying by seat of our pants as best we can.

Wouldn’t it be cool if we could just cruise on by in the aisles and pick up what we wanted without getting tired feet and having to make stressful decisions? It turns out that’s not just utopia anymore, and that’s all thanks to a quite edgy designer named Mike Bouchet.

Mr. Bouchet has a different view when it comes to shopping carts, and that is apparent when you look at the creations he will show in Cumulus Studios’s showroom in hall 5 during Design Miami/ Basel’s onsite program. Ordinary shopping carts have literally been changed into relaxation carriers which will haul your butt around the store, and making sure you won’t have to take one single footstep while shopping.

The whole concept of this design is of course to show the many different uses of an item whose purpose has long been one dimensional. One dimensional meaning it’s purpose before was solely to hold the grocery items. Now it serves as something entirely different, yet it enhances the same purpose by aiding the shopper in an entirely new way. I am always inspired by creations that transform something into something else in which it was not originally intended. I am sure this art piece will be a huge success at the showcase, and I can’t wait to check out more interesting customizations from Cumulus Studios.

Shopping Cart Relaxation Chair Customization

Shopping Cart Relaxation Chair Customization