Star Wars Birthday Cakes: There’s No Other Way To Celebrate

My birthday is a while off, but that doesn’t mean I am not checking out cakes already. Celebrating birthdays to me isn’t the same as it used to be. Years ago, we got all our friends to come over, and we had a blast in whatever way kids did back then. We played Nintendo, played “putting the tail on the pig” and silly stuff like that. But now it’s more about acting all grown up, being the host, and holding your own when it comes to being social and respectful to all your guests. In that way, being grown up is kind of uber boring. However, there are a lot of perks that come with being a grown up as well. I mean, now I can choose my own birthday cake, pay for it and then serve it exactly when I want to. I can choose if I want the biggest piece or not. That’s what I call decision power right there.

Jokes aside, there are some awesome and geeky cakes out there that would make any geek birthday a royal one. I don’t think anyone has missed the Super Mario birthday cakes and how creative they are, but there are of course Star Wars cakes out there as well that I am sure you will find even more geeky and fascinating. Star Wars is of course the prime science fiction movie series, for now. Star Trek is also making a brave entrance for sure.

These three Star Wars birthday cakes come as no surprise if you are a Star Wars fan and really want o geek out. The cool and creative designs make them somewhat original to say the least. Both the Boba Fett and the Stormtrooper cake are a testament to an ingenious imagination, and the simple means it takes to impersonate the characters from the movies. Not only are they awesome looking, they truly look delicious as well.

But where is the Darth Vader cake? That would be the most awesome of them all. The last one doesn’t really do it for me. Why? It’s too mundane and looks more like an ordinary cake to me. However, I must say that the Millennium Falcon and the other ship looks truly well designed so maybe busting out that cake would equally impress the guests. Now the question is really, who to invite? What do you say, ready to consume some geeky cakes and spank up some gaming to celebrate the awesomeness of the geek era? Bring on the cool! These cakes are designed and created by Charm City Cakes (the TLC show bakery Ace of Cakes).

Star Wars Birthday Character Cake

Star Wars Birthday Character Cake

Star Wars Birthday Character Cake