Star Wars Compilation: Every Mention Of The Force [Video]

If you enjoy watching something, you usually try to find a compilation of it, right? Take my Siri responses compilation published about a week ago for example. It’s one of those things that you can just watch over and over again because it’s truly hilarious. The answers that Siri manages to put together are not only funny, but they are amazingly clever as well. The technology behind it is quite impressive, and I am sure we’ll see a lot more new features to Siri during Apple’s next keynote presentation in about 6 months from now. Until then, we of course need something else to keep us entertained. What better way to do that than to quote Star Wars?

Well, maybe not quote as much as compile all the times that “The Force” is mentioned on all the movies combined. Now, I just know that most of you will trail off on one question only, and that is, how many times is it really mentioned? You want a number, right? I haven’t counted them all myself since I’m not THAT bored, and I don’t have the schedule for it. However, if there is anyone out there who feels the urge to count them, please publish the number of times in the comment section below. I would love to know the correct number of times.

The video is compiled by dondrapersayswhat, and as a true geek, this person has watched every single Star Wars movie and written down, cut out and put together ALL the times where someone in those movies said “The Force.” That is quite a feat if you ask me. Even though I am truly impressed with all the watching, the cutting and of course the compilation as a whole… the part that made me laugh the most was a comment from jak1509, “I like the part were he said, ‘The Force.” That alone makes this clip worth watching.

Star Wars The Force Phrase

Via: [Geek Approved]