Star Wars: Every Possible Fact About The Death Star [Infographic]

To continue my journey through the world of Star Wars and the search for all the cool and geeky gadgets, I’ve finally come to the awesomeness of the Death Star, the empire’s destructive weapon and ultimate fear factor tool.  We saw the Death Star in the first movies, but we’ve never really gotten a closer look at what it inhabits and what it is capable of.  Maybe that’s the reason why we marvel over it so much.  It’s a mystical mystery that sort of never wears off.  It’s very similar to the whole Star Wars concept itself really.  What we do not understand, we tend to keep in our heads pondering until one day we get the facts about it.  Then it all turns into an epic thing since we’ve been wondering about it for so long.

An awesome infographic created by Geeks Are Sexy and (of course) is the ultimate information sheet about the Death Star, and it’s unbelievable coolness.  It contains every possible fact and piece of data you ever wanted to know, and more.  I keep staring at the execution of it thinking it’s one of the nicest designed infographics I have seen in quite a while.

The way we usually get information about movies is through text compiled to satisfy the fans of the movie.  However, this time, we get an inner look at the very makings of the Death Star and the awesomness it holds.  How can a geek not want to see this?  I sure wouldn’t mind putting one of these on the wall here at the office.  It would be a retro feeling just walking in here then.  It’s brilliant to the core!

In Depth Death Star Information