Star Wars Lego Chess Board: The Climax Of Genius!

I am such a huge sucker for Lego and everything about it. I don’t really know why. Maybe it’s the child in me that is constantly making itself known. If I had the time, I would sit and build small cities, but those days are long gone unfortunately. With the release of ever greater and more advanced Lego builds, I am sure I won’t get closer to build anything anytime soon. I still enjoy what other people are pulling together to impress or to simply automate something so boring they’d rather solve it with a Lego robot.

Not every build is pre-manufactured by Lego themselves, and yet some still look like they were brought straight from Lego’s headquarters. When I first saw this build, I was dead sure it must have somehow originated from Lego themselves, but I ended up to be wrong. It’s the mind child of a very smart and genius builder who simply wanted to have his own unique chess board to brag with when he challenged another opponent.

Builder Brandon Griffith sure knows how to impress you when it comes to building Lego stuff. Living in Hollywood, California doesn’t exactly keep Brandon from staying inside to finish up new builds, and this chess board is pretty good evidence that Hollywood is not all about celebrities and glamour after all. Keep kickin’ butt Brandon!