Stormtroopers & Marvel Comic Characters Colorful Mashup

As the artists of the world continue their quest to mashup everything with everything, we will continue to feature their creations on Bit Rebels. After all, mashups are good, right? Where would we be today if someone in history didn’t decide to mashup peanut butter and jelly or milk and cookies? So, I’m all for it. Ya’ll keep mashing stuff up, and we’ll continue to show off your designs, no matter how bizarre they seem sometimes.

The majority of the time I see stormtroopers in the Star Wars movies, they are pretty much doing nothing. I’m actually glad Jon Bolerjack decided to mash them up with some Marvel Comic characters. Now they can make themselves useful and at least be superhero-ish.

From what I understand, Jon only planned to draw one of these in the beginning. But of course, after designing one, he got the bug and before he knew it, a full series was born. You’ll see stormtroppers mashed with Captain America, Venom, Doctor Doom and Leonidas (from 300, Spartan-inspired). The way Jon was able to incorporate those costumes into a stormtrooper is simply brilliant in the geekiest way. I hope he adds more to this collection. You can learn more about Jon on his deviantART page.

Captain America Star Wars Stormtrooper

Green Colorful Star Wars Stormtrooper

Iron Man Star Wars Stormtroopers

Darth Vader Star Wars Stormtrooper

This is another one of Jon’s designs that I put in here just for fun.
Creative Star Wars Superhero Art

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