Support Builders Of Tanks, When They Build Them Like This!

I find it rather interesting that even though pretty much 98% of the world’s population is against wars, we still continue to have them. The reasons could be many, but the fact remains that the reasons will never weigh more than life itself. As natural resources continue to be diminished, we will unfortunately see more and more wars breaking out if we don’t find a common solution to all of these ideas about having the most power. I should make it quite clear that even I understand that the world will not just change overnight, and that there are far too many wills to make that even a possibility. However, if we don’t try, there is never going to be a change.

That’s why I have decided to support people who build tanks, if they build them out of balloons. German artist Hans Hemmert knows what it’s all about. It only takes a few hours and a bit of inspiration, and you can build your own balloon tank. Grownups as well as kids will love the idea, and it’s when destruction sets in that it gets really interesting.

Instead of metal shredding ammunition, the hits are marked by a single pop of a balloon. There is no bloodshed, no children dying and no extreme injuries to report. Just pop those balloons until the tank itself is “flattened.” The imaginary war is finished and everyone is alive. Now isn’t that the utopia we’re all after? Oh, time to hit the store to get some balloons…