The Dipr: Dunking Cookies Just Got A Lot Easier!

Oreos are my favorite cookies, and there is no better thing than to eat a couple together with a cup of hot chocolate when the night is dark and there is a few feet of snow outside. The cold creeps onto you like a unwelcome bone chilling blanket and the warm beverage helps to lift it off. My personal experience with dunking cookies is that it isn’t much of a bother unlike what the creators of this new and ultimately geeky tool to dip your cookies think.

The Dipr” is a tool that resembles something your dentist uses to check your teeth, only on a larger scale. However, it’s tons more comfortable than a visit to the dentist. The process is that you slide your cookie into the holder and then dip it in the milk. It will prevent you from accidental burning your fingers if you’re drinking hot milk or getting messy when dipping at all.

With a range of different designs and patterns, this could become the equivalent to the many toothbrush designs. There are already plans to design The Dipr as an elephant and a lion, and I am sure it won’t stop there. It seems like an unnecessary solution, but if you think about it, there are hundreds of different tools we use every day that if you analyze it, aren’t necessary at all in our daily life. We can just wonder when The Dipr will go electrical. #JustSaying