The Future According To Science Fiction Films [Infographic]

Forget all the hype about preparing for zombies; apparently we need to be more concerned about our future based on science fiction movies (and a few television shows) from the past that are based in the future. This is very interesting because Michael Hobson from Tremulant Design pieced together a timeline based on the years these movies were set in. As he points out, for example, the movie Avatar technically took place between Alien and Aliens.

I’m down with having remote control bodies in 6 years from now (Surrogates). I’m also excited about living underground and traveling through time in 2035 (12 Monkeys). I’m looking forward to having a conversation with a kangaroo in 2033 (Tank Girl). I’m glad I won’t be alive for our cloning aliens stage in 2379 (Alien Resurrection). I’m kinda sad though that I’ll miss the era of flying cars in 2263 (The Fifth Element). I like this a lot, but then again, I’m a huge science fiction fan, and I love timelines. It’s strange, after looking at this, our world as we know it today seems kinda boring.

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Science Fiction Film Timeline Chart

Via: [Geekologie] [] Header Image Credit: [Shyann / deviantART]