The Ham iPhone: In Case Constant Calling Is Making You Hungry

I must say that sometimes finding new and cool cases and skins for the iPhone certainly makes me all giddy. Sometimes they are cooler than the iPhone itself, and sometimes they just deserve a mention for at least trying to look like a skin or a case. Such an example is the String iPhone case that really did nothing more than wrap a string around the iPhone. Yeah, that was pretty much it, but I really thought it deserved a mention for being a clever product. There are also products out there that simply make no sense whatsoever, and it is when you find those that you really know you’ve hit gold. I mean, if a product doesn’t make any sense, it has to be good, right?

This Ham iPhone case is one of those. That fact that someone thought about the ham and the iPhone and connected the two is just mind boggling to me. I mean, ham and the iPhone? The display of it doesn’t make it more appealing either to be honest. The “geek” factor of this whole thing is off the scale, but the “want” factor has to be a negative number, whatever the limit is on that.

Whoever created this should be proud for two reasons. The first reason is of course because he or she was able to connect the two and actually make a product of it. What are the odds? The second reason is because holding a cold iPhone in your hands with this skin wrapped around it makes the whole experience even more… gross. Yeah buddy, let me call you later on my ham iPhone… oh by the way, want a bite? #JustSaying

Ham iPhone Skin Cover Design

Via: [9GAG]