The Way Portugal Apparently Sees Europe

It’s always funny to see how the rest of the world views your home country. Having lived in another country, I think it’s even more interesting to check out how different people’s views are. They always seem to differ. I have been asked if we have polar bears on the streets here in Sweden, and also what we use to eat our food with. Of course that is bound to bring you a huge smile and maybe even a giggle, but you would have thought that in the millennium of 2000 there should be some kind of knowledge about the rest of the world, and what they are up to. One common thing that always happens is that when you talk about Sweden, people immediately (for some reason) say, “Oh yeah! I’ve heard about swiz people!”

How do you answer that? I mean, Switzerland is about 1,000 miles south in Europe, and it has nothing to do with Sweden. When you start to dig deeper into the language, you suddenly realize that Swedes and Swizz sound almost the same, so the misinterpretation of it all is not entirely off the scale, if you know what I mean.

There are more hilarious views of Europe that are worth all the attention they can possibly get. Portugal apparently has their own view about what the different countries in Europe are all about, and I am sure that to some extent it’s true. As you can imagine, the most hilarious part about this is that Sweden is apparently the land of Hot Blonds. I have to laugh at this because I tell you, even though we have blonds all over here, the brunettes and the red heads are just as many as in any other country. It seems blonds are the ones who people in other countries give the most attention. There are; however, other things that come from Sweden. Most of you know that IKEA is Swedish, but did you know that Volvo, Saab, Ericsson, Björn Borg and Minecraft are all Swedish companies originally? Well, now you do!

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How Portugal Sees Entire Europe

Via: [9Gag]