This Oven Lounge Geekifies Your Home Like Nothing Else!

Do you remember the article I wrote about the stove turned into a stereo system not too long ago? Some mad designer took a stove and modified it into a fully working, geeky looking party machine with a touchscreen and all. I am sure if we all had one of those, not only would we all be a heck of a lot thinner, but we would also have a ton more parties at home. You can never get enough friends, that’s for sure, and with this modding culture going on, I am sure we will see lots more stuff like this in the future. The fact is that there are people working on these as we speak. We don’t have to wait for the future to get a glimpse of what people are creating cause as of today, you will have something that will accompany that stereo stove system just perfectly.

Etsy seller WayOutHere has one of the most awesome creations on sale and for the geeky price of ONLY $250. It’s an oven turned into a comfortable foldable lounge. Open it up and relax those fragile and tired bones of yours, and you’ll find that the geekiness you thought you were harboring inside is now showing its true colors.

The Oven Lounge is just wonderfully retro and with a little bit of further modding, you can turn it into a listening station as well. Incorporate a dock into that oven on the headpiece and you’ll have yourself a relaxation station worthy of a geek’s butt resting on it. Brilliant and clever! I can’t wait to see more of these things! Retro geeks are here to stay!