The Transparent Pool Table You Will Break The Bank For

Who doesn’t like multi-functional products? A pool table that can double up as a centerpiece for your living room? Sure, bring it on. There is one small problem, though, this spectacular transparent pool table will probably make you run out of your savings. Priced at a whopping $46,000, this elegant beauty in glass surely deserves the fortune that you have to shell out to make it yours. You can not only play a game of pool on its sleek surface, it will also help illuminate the room when placed under a skylight. The aesthetic element of this marvel will be helpful when you have to convince the significant other regarding robbing the bank.

Designed with patented technology that allows this surface to replicate the frictional properties of felt, this pool table does not compromise on the utilitarian front. The layer of glass helps with shock absorption and is resistant to warping, thereby enhancing the longevity of the surface. Basically, the balls won’t slide off the table, it is just your money that will slip out of your hands. It seems that a bunch of designers and engineers have racked their brains to come up with a model that will satisfy the players and their spouses alike.

[pullquote]The futuristic design of this transparent pool table will be the talking point of every house party.[/pullquote] Do not get surprised if you spot gate crashers who barge in just to have a go at this fancy toy (well, to be honest, that is what it really is, a toy). You will soon earn the title of The Lord of the Table, worth the 46 grand, isn’t it? The makers claim that the superior finish of this table will make luxury cars go green, and who are we to doubt them. Why not just sell off your car, and the cars of all your neighbors, to pitch in for this uber cool piece of art and technology. The cars would have been jealous of this new member of the household anyway.

Available in 2 different sizes, you can pick the one that would look better in the pictures. After all, your holiday postcards will now be a photo of the family in front of the pool table. Perhaps the kids sitting on the glass surface while the adults stand at the four corners of the table. What a pretty picture that would be! Purchasing a high-end camera is a must when you have this stunning pool table in the house. Half the fun is in spamming your friends’ inboxes with pictures of this innovation, taken from all angles. A transparent pool table that will improve your photography skills too, no one can resist that deal!

Remember, this is one of the biggest investments you will make in your life, so do it right. Plan a welcome home party for the pool table where everyone can come and witness its glory. Have the right cleaning tools handy to keep the transparent surface sparkling clean. This magnificent transparent pool table deserves to remain untarnished, so you might consider wearing gloves at all times to prevent fingerprints from staining the glass. Apart from that and being bankrupt, you won’t really have anything to worry about when you have this amazing pool table in your life. – Here’s another amazing pool table worth your time.

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