Twisted Time Lego Clock Is An Optimized Build Of Awesomeness

Time is a twisted invention to keep us all on track. I don’t know how many times I have cursed its pace since it never seems to marry my own schedule quite the way I want it to. I am sure that when the universe was created, someone snapped their fingers while thinking, “Hah, take that you lazy beings. That should put some fire where the sun don’t shine.” Ever after we have been hurrying our days like tomorrow wouldn’t otherwise come. The state of being stressed has become almost everyone’s disease, yet still we keep pulling the weight that three people did back in the ’70s. It’s called success we say, yet we forget that being successful means optimizing our lives to offset the stress.

This is exactly something the creator of the Twisted Time Lego clock, Hans Andersson, knows everything about. Not only does it take its time to change the digits, but it is also a masterpiece of planning. This Mindstorms-powered, Bluetooth-connected and gear-twisting beauty of a clock makes for a great mind twister. The motorized turning of the 5 digit sections is enough to make even the most seasoned Lego builder insanely impressed.

I just can’t get enough from looking at the video because nothing in my mind tells me this should ever work properly, and yet it does. Forget all those huge and impressive builds we have shown here on Bit Rebels. This is the one you should look at and get inspired by. It’s builds like this that will take the whole Lego experience to a new level and ultimately spawn some rather cool creations. I would love to see a fully working, gear-twisting and correctly time-telling Big Ben built out of Lego. That would be something to be really impressed about. Is anyone up to the challenge? It would make for an awesome video, I tell you!

Time Twisting Lego Clock Build

Via: [Geekosystem]