Zombie Wine Bottle Stopper For Horror Nights

There’s no doubt we love our zombie products here at Bit Rebels. It seems you do too, and it couldn’t be more awesome! Some of the most creative zombie themed products have gone viral, and we are always looking for more of these horror gadgets. I recently found and wrote about the Zombie Cookie Jar and of course the Dismember-Me Zombie Plush Doll. They were both well received, so I thought I’d set out to find something that could accompany these into your horror home. The entire Internet is crawling with zombie products, and most of them have been written about before, but one thing in particular caught my attention.

It was the Zombie Wine Bottle Stopper that is sure to complement that scary movie you’re about to stream. Drinking a whole bottle of wine by yourself won’t provide much fun on a Friday night, and it is greatly unadvised. However, a glass or two shouldn’t really cut the rope and make you plummet into a Saturday with a headache. But what about the rest of the wine in the bottle? Nah, you wouldn’t want to pour it down the drain just because you opened the bottle. Or should you?

Maybe this bottle stopper will make the flavor and the graciousness of the wine stick around for a day more at least. Pop this one in and soon you’ll have your own miniature scale zombie uprising on your hands. Rotten hands crawling out of a bottle? Well, I guess we shouldn’t be too surprised anymore considering the world is overrun by these brain eating undead in pretty much every movie and game available to us. It’s a pretty neat little thing that will only cost you $9.95. It’s a nice price to put a little more horror into your evenings, don’t you think?