12 Household Hacks You Wish You Would’ve Thought Of Sooner

Consumers review a multitude of life hacks that make life even better. Life hacks save time and allow them to complete daily tasks in less time. A review of 12 household hacks shows consumers great ways to save time.

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1. Automatic Knives Open Faster

Many consumers struggle to try to get a knife open when they need it for household tasks. Instead of facing the struggle, the person can use an automatic knife. The automatic knifes open from the top of the side, and the consumer just presses a button to open and close it. It’s a more convenient choice when cutting wires or performing simple tasks. Homeowners can learn more about an auto knife by contacting a retailer now.

2. Use A Pool Noodle To Fill The Mop Bucket

Property owners or tenants that don’t have access to a garden hose have a better alternative. They can use a pool noodle to fill a bucket to wash their car. The noodle fits over the kitchen faucet, and the homeowner can adjust the noodle to dispense water straight into the bucket.

3. Use Nail Polish To Color-Code Your Keys

People with multiple keys that look similar color-code the keys to saving time when opening their front door and other locks. The color-coding is an easy way to know what key goes to each lock without having to try them all.

4. Lemon Juice Removes Highlighter From Books

Students can resell their old textbooks and get more out of them if they can remove the highlighter from the pages. By dipping a cotton swab into lemon juice, they can use the cotton swab as an instant eraser and remove all the highlighter from their books.

5. Use Car Wax For Fog-Free Mirrors

By applying car wax to bathroom mirrors, the property owner can prevent them from fogging when they shower. They apply the wax and buff it away just as they would when waxing the car.

6. Putty Knives Remove Stickers And Labels

Consumers can use a putty knife to peel off stickers and labels off anything without leaving behind any residue. It’s great for new dishes.

7. Disinfect Legos And Small Toys In The Dishwasher

It’s easy to disinfect legos and other small toys by placing them into a lingerie laundry bag and running them through the dishwasher cycle.

8. Use A Damp Towel For Fast Wrinkle Removal

Consumers who need wrinkle-free clothes in a hurry start by placing the items into the dryer. Next, add a damp kitchen towel into the dry and turn it on high heat for about 15 minutes.

9. Use A Heated Knife To Get More Out Of Resaleable Bags

If they don’t have snack-sized bags, the person can make their own. All they have to do is place the sandwich bag on a cutting board and heat up a button knife on the stove. Cut the sandwich bag in half starting at the middle of the seal. The heat from the knife closes the side of each bag.

10. Use Dryer Lint For A Faster Fireplace Starter

Dryer lint is a great way to get a fire started in the fireplace. By adding it to the logs, the fire will heat up and blaze quickly. It is a time saver.

11. Frame Bumpers Stop Sheetrock Damage

By adding frame bumpers to all picture frames, the property owner avoids sheetrock damage.

12. Denatured Alcohol Removed Paint From Carpet

By adding denatured alcohol to thick cloth, the property owner can remove any paint from the carpet without leaving any residue.

Consumers find impressive household hacks that save them time and money. Each of the hacks helps them resolve common issues and avoid negative outcomes. Some materials they need to complete the hacks are in their home already.

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