5 Important Features To Look Out For When Buying Sunglasses

Sunglasses should look nice, sit comfortably, complement your outfit, but most importantly, they should protect your eyes from direct sunlight and UV radiation. There are so many different aspects to consider when buying sunglasses, that we decided to create a little guide about the five most important and crucial features to look out for when buying sunglasses.

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Most Important – UV Protection

One of the most important features of sunglasses is the protection from UV radiation. Make sure that the sunglasses you are going to purchase are fitted with a UV400 filter, which protects your eyes from UVA and UVB radiation. No matter what style of color your shades will have, never miss out on UV400 protection!

UV radiation can harm your eyes severely without you even noticing it, and it is often one of the causes of cancer. Therefore, it is essential that your new sunnies are stylish and functional at the same time!

Different Materials Make Different Glasses

To ensure a comfortable fit and a long lifetime of your glasses, make sure to choose the right material for you. Sunglasses can be made from all kinds of materials, such as metal, plastic, recycled plastic, acetate, wood. There are so many different options to choose from; it is almost impossible to keep an overview!

We recommend you pick sunglasses that are made from acetate. This is a cellulose-based, plastic-like material. However, it is a more environmentally-friendly alternative to ‘traditional’ plastic. It is more durable, sustainable, and also lighter than normal plastic, and, often, the colors are much brighter and vibrant.

Do Not Forget The Lenses

The better the lens, the better your view. You don’t necessarily want to go for real glass, as that could be very heavy. Plastic lenses, on the other hand, scratch super easily. The best and most used material for the lenses in sunglasses at the moment is polycarbonate. It is lightweight, durable, scratch-resistant, and slightly flexible, which means that your sunglasses will basically be unbreakable, or at least very hard to break.

Small But Powerful – Hinges

Who knew that hinges could make such a difference. First of all, have a look at the material the hinges are made of, as that really does matter, especially if you are allergic to any kind of metal. Most sunglasses brands use three-barrel-hinge mechanisms that are lead- and nickel-free. You should go for flexible hinges, they are especially good for a comfortable fit, long-term durability, and on top of that, they are easy to repair.

Additional Cool Features

There are some additional features that can be quite cool and useful, and they make sunglasses the perfect everyday companion. Sunglasses with polarized lenses are practical, as they provide you with improved vision. They block out reflected light and reduce glare; therefore, they are the perfect pair of sunglasses for sports activities, such as biking or fishing, or for driving a car.

Mirrored sunglasses are just as cool and can be a real statement piece for occasions such as the next festival you’ll be attending or a day at the beach. They usually come in a wide array of cool colors.

Sunglasses are an essential part of summer. When choosing your next pair of sunglasses, look out for these five features—but of course, you should remember to make sure that they suit your style and don’t empty your pockets.

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