5 Tips That Makes You A Super Productive Writer

Freelance writing nowadays is more of a professional source of income for many people. Finding freelance writers are also quite easy nowadays no matter what type of content you want to be written.

Top-level companies use platforms like LinkedIn to find professional writers whereas others like college students can easily find writers online by simply searching for terms like “do my homework for me” or “homework writing service”.

No matter what your level of expertise is, it is very important to stay productive as a writer in order to make sure that you get more and better opportunities. However, being a productive writer should reflect both in terms of quality and quantity as well.

So, to help you become a better writer, today we are here with a list of 5 tips that will make you a super productive writer.

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5 Tips To Become A Super Productive Writer

1. Pick a Niche You Are Comfortable In And Stick to It

Want to be a productive writer? Or a “Super” productive writer? Then the first thing to consider is to pick a niche that you are comfortable with. Well, you only improve as a writer when you explore new niches and you may not be able to get quite many offers if you pick and stick to a niche.

However, there are benefits to picking a niche and sticking on to it. First of all, when you become dominant on a specific niche, then you narrow down your competition and when approached with writing offers, you can charge your client for your experience in the niche.

Moreover, when you write on a niche that you are comfortable on, then you will be able to complete the task quickly than while writing on other niches.

2. Do Not Try To Perfect Your Writing In The First Draft Itself

One common mistake that most writers do is that they try to perfect their work within the first draft itself.

Your first draft on the topic should mostly focus on points that you want to include in the content. If you try to perfect your writing within the first draft itself, then you will most likely miss out on the key points or titles that you wanted to include in the content in the first place.

After you finish including all necessary points and titles in the content, you can then revise your writing to fix spelling, grammatical or any other errors in your writing.

Even though it will look like you will spend more time in completing your work when you take more than a single draft, it will actually save you a lot of time which otherwise you would have wasted on finding adequate points and titles to fill in your content.

3. Have a Separate Working Space

As freelance writing is a work from home job for many, they actually try to complete their work while on their bed or on a couch.

It is really important that you have a separate working space, no matter where you work from. Your working space need not be a proper office setup, but it definitely should be a separate space from the others.

Having a separate working space really helps in bringing the discipline and motivation to get work done and that will surely reflect on your productivity and ultimately on the work you are doing.

4. Set Up Working Hours And Turn Away From Distractions

No matter whether you are someone who writes an online journal or someone who professionally works as a writer. To really increase your productivity and quality of writing, it is important that you set up working hours. Make sure to start and end your working cycle within the time frame you have set, as it will help you in finishing your work faster and it won’t feel boring either.

Also, try to turn away from distractions, especially social media sites and Smartphones while working. If you get carried away with distractions, then you won’t be able to complete the work on time and you will end up being detached from the content you were writing as well.

5. Create A Writing Plan

Another great way to improve the productivity of your writing is by creating a plan before you actually begin with your work. The plan must include the key points that you wish to include in your writing along with other specifics on what you are about to write.

This way you will improve the quality of the writing as you already know what all you need to include to make your writing interesting and you will also be able to finish your work quickly as you will no longer have to waste time in thinking about what to write.

Final Words

We hope that the 5 tips mentioned above help you in improving your writing productivity. If you have your own techniques that you implement to improve your writing skill, then do mention them as comments below.

Author Bio: Arpita Arya, is the Co-founder of LinkOceans.com. She has been in the digital marketing industry for the past three years and contributed her expertise to various brands over the web. She has gained great experience and skill set in content marketing and improving website’s traffic through cross-promotion.

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