5 Worst Places To Hit On Someone [Infographic]

So you could call today the day after the greatest love day of the year.  Yup, the aftermath of Valentine’s Day is upon us, and some people are beyond happy while others are, well let’s just say, less in the groove of things.  The carnage of your heart, if you’re rejected, can be quite an emotional roller coaster.  All you can really do is to ride it out until you’re safely back on the ground again.  Hey, there are always other roller coasters to try out.  The fact that you put yourself on the roller coaster in the first place cannot be blamed on anyone but yourself.  So, instead of digging your head into the dirt, you should really make sure about what you are getting yourself into before you start hitting on people.

What could be better than a quick lesson in when, where and why you should not hit on people in certain situations?  These answers should be pretty obvious, but if they are not, then maybe this little infographic from Online Dating University might come in handy for you.  After all, there are probably people out there too in love to even be able to make these calls.

What’s the worst situation you have hit on someone in?  Care to share?  I mean, it’s not like I know anyone who has actually hit on someone during a hijacking, a car accident or even during their daily grocery shopping.  Maybe those are extreme situations, but if these 5 situations are not extreme, then the Pope doesn’t have a funny hat.  So get a grip and become the cool.  Make sure you know the groove when you see it.  Can I say it any more clearly?  I guess I could, but I am just saying.

5 Worst Situations To Flirt