6 Shirt Styles Men Need To Look Their Best In 2023

If you look in anyone’s wardrobe, regardless of age or gender, the item they own the most is easily shirts. Tops are versatile, can be dressed up and down, and need more regular washing than other items like sweaters and denim – which facilitates the need to own many in varying styles.

Whether you’re a sartorially minded man who dresses to impress and is just looking to make sure he’s got all his shirt bases covered, revamping your wardrobe from scratch, or someone shopping for new styles for their partner, there are several essential shirt styles every guy should own this year. Keep reading for the ones that will make you or your guy look and feel their best throughout 2023.

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Flannel Shirts

Nothing screams masculinity like a flannel shirt, but they serve more than giving you lumberjack or vibes. Whether you’re chopping down trees or not, one or two flannels are essential to round out your wardrobe.

They’re perfect throughout the fall season and, of course, through winter. You may not know it, but flannels come in multiple weights, so depending on if you run warm or cool, you can opt for a light, mid or heavyweight flannel. They’re an easy way to add color and prints to the rest of your aesthetic if you like to keep things simple with your wardrobe.


We’re heading into spring, an exciting time of year as we transition toward summer after a long, cold winter. But, spring can present challenges in knowing what to wear daily, as mornings can be cool and crisp, but temps are in the seventies by midday. An overshirt is an answer and something every guy should own. Its versatility makes it as casual as a t-shirt or as elevated as a jacket, depending on what you style with it.


The opposite of the above overshirt is the wardrobe staple that’s been in men’s dressers for over a century, the humble undershirt. Undershirts protect your clothing from cologne, deodorant, or in worst cases, pit stains.

Undershirts also offer a layer of modesty under button-down or other shirt types in a professional environment or at certain events. Look at undershirts the same way you do in undergarments and have enough of them on hand to get you through the average length of time between laundry days.

Chambray Shirts

One of the most trending shirt styles for the last decade differs from traditional work wear. If you’re a denim lover or own your share of chore coats, there’s a good chance you already have a chambray shirt in your wardrobe, but if not, you need one.

Chambray shirts are a plain weave, a lighter fabric than true denim, though it’s the same aesthetic. Denim on denim (or chambray in this case) with denim jeans is a timeless look that can be worn year-round, so it’s a menswear staple you’ll need throughout 2023.

Crisp White Tee

If you take note of celebrities, men’s stylists, and fashion designers, they all share one thing in common – crisp, clean, logo-free tees. While black tees have long been a go-to for men, don’t be scared to wear stark white this year. The cleanliness and crispness of a white tee pair perfectly with everything chinos, Hawaiian shorts, and black denim. Investing in several high-quality and even designer white tees is a smart move every man should make.

Oxford Button-Down Shirts

The Oxford button-down gets its name from the cloth from which it’s cut, and this menswear staple has been in closets for almost 150 years! The fabric of an Oxford button-down is much thicker than other shirts, which lends to its comfortable and casual look – but it can still be dressed up when the need arises. A button-down collared shirt is a must for all men, but the Oxford should be your first investment if you still need to own one.

Other shirt types worth adding to your wardrobe this year are polo shirts, true denim shirts, linen (perfect for sweltering summer temperatures), and a fun Hawaiin, which are resurgent in popularity. But, the above-mentioned shirt styles are essential to every man in 2023. Stay looking sharp, fellas.

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