7 Ways To Make Your Resume Stand Out

Nowadays, the Job search is very competitive so it is necessary to catch recruiter’s attention in the interview. The resume is the first impression for any recruiter. Making the resume stand out is the major key to your success in the interview. One of the golden rules to follow is making the resume easier to read and it is necessary to be kept to the appropriate length to work experience. Check out the resume example to get complete idea about updating your resume. Submitting an attractive resume that shows how you fit the needs of the recruiter. Below are the 7 ways to make your Resume stand out in the heavy competition

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Tailor Resume for Each Job

Recruiters would be looking at the resumes much closer when compared to the cover letters. Instead of making the broad changes, there are some small tweaks that you need to concentrate on the resume. It is also necessary not to incorporate same keywords in the job description. Every title, skills, and certification that matches positions must be imprinted clearly.

Be Specific

Showcase more attraction to the resume with including specific key projects, accomplishments, and awards. You can also include the industry-specific language that would demonstrate the industry knowledge. Recruiters always look for your skillset beyond mentioned in their job description so it is necessary to include the list at the bottom for working experience summary in much more applicable manner.

Highlight Your Growth

Every number would tell the more compelling story than lots of words. In fact, you can quantify your experience using the % and $ signs. Using the Metrics such as the percentage of the business, dollars saved in cost-cutting, size of managed business, timeframes, number of staff managed or work experience would be a great option. Highlight your qualifications to the excellence so that it would be easily understood by the recruiters.


Grammar, Spelling and Punctuation errors also show the inattention for details so include the resume with appropriate details. You can also ask your friends to read the resume for making sure that you did not miss anything.

Write The Cover Letter

Cover letter definitely increases more difference in the resume. Highlighting specific accomplishments in the letter is quite important so that you can conveniently use the space for explaining the work experience. In fact, the cover letter also serves as the writing sample and acts as the best platform to share your information to exceed or meet job expectations that mainly outline description. Download the resume example online to know more about the modern trend for presentation.

Include Soft Skills

Recruiters are looking for the candidate who fits into corporate culture as well as it works well with gaining more impression. You can include examples of your teamwork, communication, problem-solving skills as well as interpersonal skills that would definitely provide the complete glimpse of your personality. Show that you are well-rounded employee capable of working easier and achieving company goals.


The resume needs to be simple, concise and clean so that recruiter could easily read from experience. Use the modern and professional template that it creates more impact with the header and it includes the complete contact information. Different methods are available to highlight the resume that matters most convenient option.

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