Air Duct Cleaning Services – What You Need To Know

Your air duct has a lot of unseen contaminants that need to be cleaned up. These contaminants are carried by air that gets in through the air ducts daily. As such, you need to opt for Comfort Clean air duct cleaning in order to improve and maintain indoor air quality and therefore a healthy family.

As a homeowner, you need to get air duct cleaning technicians to clean your air ducts when needed. Your dirty air duct can be a cause of alarm to your health, especially for people with health conditions like asthma and allergies. It can also compromise the efficiency of your HVAC system. Here are signs that you need air duct cleaning in your home.

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1. The Contaminants To Look After

1. Dust

Dust is very uncomfortable for people with health complications like asthma and air allergies. Leaving your air duct unchecked for a long time leads to the collection of dust, which hinders the air quality in the space.

2. Mold

This affects air ducts that are exposed to moisture. Some molds grow in hidden areas and are unseen. However, you can notice them through odors or if you are having trouble breathing. Having mold in your air duct can cause allergic reactions and air poisoning, and this is why you should keep checking your air duct.

3. Dirt

Insects and rodents find their way in and build their nests. This creates blockage and makes the air ducts old and start wear and tear. Keep checking your air duct to ensure all areas are well sealed to prevent contaminations because dirty air is as dangerous as contaminated water. Also, check thoroughly to ensure insects and rodents have not made their homes inside the system.

After duct cleaning all these contaminants are eliminated.

2. Unit Inefficiency

Dirt builds in your system and causes difficulties for air to pass through. This makes your HVAC system to do twice the work. Overworking can cause breakdowns and accelerated wear and tear. Your AC doing twice the work can also translate to more energy used hence more bills. This is the reason your AC maintenance technician will ask you to clean your air duct too for better performance.

3. After How Long Should You Clean Your Air Duct?

Although it is recommended to clean your duct after three to five years, some of these situations do not need you to wait until five years. Some of them are;

  1. When you are moving into a new home.
  2. You have just discovered mold in your system
  3. Your roommates smoke
  4. You find out that you are living with rodents and other insects in your air duct
  5. Your family members have health conditions like asthma and other allergies
  6. You are doing a home renovation.

4. The Process Of Cleaning Air Duct

1. Inspection

Your well-experienced technician should first take a keen look at your ducts. This will help them identify the kind of air duct cleaning services that will be best. Some of the dirt like mold and insects’ nests are usually hidden, and this needs a keen inspection to identify them.

2. Tackle The Components

Your technician will then go ahead to service your system parts, including the drip pans, diffusers and grilles, supply and return ducts, fan housing and motor, and the heating and cooling coils.

5. Tools Air Duct Technicians Use

Some of the tools needed for duct cleaning are brushes, skipper balls, and whips. The brushes used should be soft-bristled. This is mainly the fiber-glass lined vents. To clean the dust away, technicians use the high-efficiency particle air vacuum.

6. After The Air Duct Cleaning

Expect your energy bills to go down because less energy will be used on the air conditioners. There will be more fresh air hence more comfortable breathing and fewer cases of allergies. There will also be fewer headaches and sneezing. Ensure you get professional air duct cleaning services. DIY is not recommended unless you are an expert unless you want a shoddy work. Dirt is disturbed and loosened, and this becomes even more dangerous.


A clean duct will operate efficiently, give a fast response, and provide a clean living environment. It will also help in the proper operation of your AC and heating system hence low energy bills.

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