Barn Weddings And Décor – Everything You Need To Know

The Atlantic says that a ‘staggering number of millennials’ are now opting for a barn wedding venue over the more traditional venues such as banquet halls and hotels. With 15% of couples choosing a barn location in 2017 and only 2% in 2009 it is obvious that the charms and affordability of this type of wedding venue is only making it more and more popular.

As far as the perfect wedding venue goes, you want it to be able to cater to all of your needs, and this is why a barn wedding venue is a evermore popular choice amongst couples in recent years. With the key selling points being a versatile and open space, coupled with the more affordable price range, there are many ways that a barn wedding is great for a couple looking to tie-the-knot, but how do you decorate this enchanting type of venue?

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Perfectly Imperfect

An important thing to remember when decorating your converted barn wedding venue, is that you don’t need to make everything pristine, the point of a rustic style is to embrace the imperfections making them beautifully unique.

The low wooden beams and exposed brickwork that are typical of barns make it a cosy and personal place for you to exchange your vows or celebrate your newly married status surrounded by the ones you love. The farm house style is also another great way to express the individuality of your venue, and definitely worth exploring as a subcategory of its own.

It’s All In The Details

With the overall theme being chaotically cohesive, the small details will really add to the ambiance of your rustic barn wedding. Key points to look at include tables, the aisle, and ceiling decorations. All these aspects of your venue are great places to add some beautiful decorations to make your wedding space really express your theme.

Your tables can be dressed up or dressed down with regards to center pieces and tableware. You could even loose the table clothes completely to embrace the real informal aspects of the rustic style, bringing all your family members together.

Your aisle can also be elegant or understated with candles, flowers and ribbon. You could even opt for benches instead of single chairs, giving you more flexibility with head counts as well as contributing to the Boho theme. You can include things like bunting in decorating your ceiling, as the low wooden beams make a perfect place to hang them, as well as garlands and fairy lights.


It might seem an unusual thing to talk about, but genuinely there are so many ways that you can use a pallet in your wedding decorations. If you are a Pinterest junkie, then no doubt you have seen the different styles you can explore with a pallet.

Usually you can source pallets for free or for a very small cost, which makes them a great edition to your décor! You can paint them making them into signs, or if you are more into DIY there are plenty of things you can turn a pallet into like seating.

Light My Fire

Yet another part of decorating your barn, you can really creative different moods with the lighting you choose for your barn. With room to explore non-traditional lighting techniques including fairy lights and lanterns, you can really create a romantic atmosphere. You could even look into having chimneys or small bonfires in the outdoor space of your barn, the possibilities are endless.

Less Is More

With the already stunning structure of a barn wedding venue, less is truly more in regard to decorating your barn wedding venue. Aiming to accentuate the features of your wedding venue, not overwhelm them should be a priority to finding the perfect decorations. DIY-ing is a great way to get the personal details that will make your barn wedding stand out.

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