BistroMD – A Weight Loss Food Delivery Plan For Busy People

According to recent surveys, more than 60% of people in the US are overweight or have obesity. [pullquote]Losing weight is not an easy task. It requires knowledge and time to plan your meals.[/pullquote] But very few people have the time and are willing to count calories, cook healthy meals, and keep a food journal.

Are you fed up with being overweight but can’t seem to find the time to plan your weight loss diet? Is your schedule so jam-packed with business meetings, family duties and your social connections that you do not have time to go grocery shopping? Or perhaps your cooking skills get you banished from the kitchen more often than not?

Indeed, planning your weight loss diet program can be taxing and time-consuming. While you want to feed on healthy and nutrient-rich foods to lose your belly fat, meal planning, grocery shopping and cooking tasty food can be an overwhelming experience. Weight loss food delivery plans offer a motivating option to stick to your weight loss program by providing nutrient-dense prepared meals. No more searching the supermarket aisles for that ingredient, no more browsing the internet for the best weight loss recipes and no more uninspiring bland food for you.

BistroMD offers you proven weight loss diet meals delivered to your doorstep. This revolutionary service by BistroMD provides healthy balanced meals prepared with the freshest ingredients according to your preferences and tastes. It has been tailored to work for weight loss enthusiasts with different dietary requirements for example diabetic persons and women in menopause. It is a customizable diet plan offering a variety of entrees to choose from while receiving diet and fitness advice from qualified dieticians in order to maximize your fitness goals.

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How It Works

BistroMD works in four simple steps as highlighted below.

  1. Select the desired diet program from the four available diet programs i.e. standard, gluten-free, diabetic and menopause (for women) diets. This gives you access to over 150 entrees spread over breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The menu also consists of snacks high in protein.
  2. Choose a convenient diet plan that is either a five-day plan or a seven-day plan. This also gives you an option of either a full day package that includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner or a package that excludes breakfast.
  3. Order the selected meal plans via phone or online. Dietitians will be on hand to help you customize your meals as well as offering you fitness support to go with your weight loss program.
  4. Delivery of your healthy, balanced meals is done in the comfort of your home or address of choice.

Meal Plan Pricing

As stated above there are four meal plans available. The cost per plan is as shown below.

  • Full day program – 7 days

This has breakfast, lunch, dinner and a night snack per day. Pricing is $134.96

  • Full day program – 5 days

This has breakfast, lunch, and dinner per day. Pricing is $112.46

  • Lunches & Dinners – 7 days

This is exclusive of daily breakfast. Pricing is $112.46

  • Lunches & Dinners – 5 days

This has lunch and dinner per day at $89.96Shipping charges will be billed where applicable.

Who Is BistroMD For?

BistroMD is suitable for that busy executive with no time to plan, shop or cook his meals. That stay-at-home mum whose energy levels have dipped and yet she still needs to keep up with her energetic children, will find this program a big plus. As one’s age progresses, it becomes harder to keep off the extra fat around the waistline. BistroMD comes in handy to help you lose that tummy with a diet that also takes care of your other nutrition needs. BistroMD has been designed to conveniently help you lose weight without the trouble of lengthy meal preparations, time-consuming grocery shopping and the risk of unappetizing food.

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