Decoding Your Dreams: Every Dream Has A Message [Infographic]

Do you by any chance remember your latest dream? Do you have any clue what it might mean? There is a whole science out there that focuses on decoding whatever dream you might have had. That should not come as a surprise though since we are always trying to decode them ourselves. I am sure you’ve found yourself vividly explaining your latest odd dream to your friends or loved ones trying to get a debate going about what it might mean. Even though there are many different theories out there that supposedly accurately decode dreams, it is different from person to person.

For example, being afraid to one person could mean he or she is haunted by a memory of a job interview, while for someone else it could simply be a lingering feeling of being thrilled by a scary movie. All of these feelings surface when we sleep and become images that quickly become dreams. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you are insecure, or that you are about to lose your position on the football team. They are just the mind’s interpretations of feelings, memories and fears that are jumbled into one heck of a mind movie.

Even though there could be many interpretations of a dream, it’s quite a lot of fun trying to decode them with charts, lists and theories. Such a theory is created my Marcus K. Varner and comes in the form of an infographic. I wouldn’t really want to call it an infographic though since it is much more of a dream chart decoder, but it is impressive and quite entertaining nonetheless. Each dream sensation is explained as far as what it might mean and why.

As you can tell from the infographic, there are a number of different reasons why you might have such a dream, and you can try to resolve whatever it is that is causing you that feeling or stress if you find it to be too overwhelming. There are even dreams that scientists say are leftover memories from the womb, and that could potentially explain the millions of people around the world who have the same dream. One of those dreams is the one about being chased by a huge boulder. That particular dream has been going on for decades and has been recorded all over the world. It’s amazing to explore how the brain works and how much of it we’re not using. The fact that we might have leftover memories from a time when we weren’t even “aware” is truly mind blowing. Now, decode that  dream of yours, and tell us what you came up with.

Ultimate Dream Chart Decoding Infographic