Fashion Trend | High Heels Every Woman Will Want This Fall

We’ve featured quite a few cool women’s shoes here on Bit Rebels, and we are not going to stop anytime soon. I just found, or rather stumbled over, something that I think every woman will kill to have. The last time I wrote an article about a pair of high heels, the “When High Heels Goes 911,” it was a huge hit with women. However, to everyone’s defeat, it was just a pair of computer generated high heels with a great deal of science fiction woven into them.

This time, I come baring real fruit with something that will be released this coming fall, if you women can wait that long. This new and highly anticipated concept comes from no other than the Mulleavy sisters also called the “Twisted Sisters“. Their fashion brand Rodarte in Los Angeles is whipping up some new and ultimately cool designs for their fall collection and they sure look cool, from a geeks perspective.

At first glance, the heels look like they are taken from a B-version of the science fiction movie Bladerunner. When looking a little bit closer, a lot of details start to emerge and they start looking quite awesome. The LED lights in the heels are just what could fit in at the clubs in 2010. I am sure Lady Gaga will be their choice of promotion person for this and soon you can grace your feet with these as well.