The Fastest Way To Make Coffee

Do you love coffee but you live a busy lifestyle? Or are you just too busy coding or working tirelessly at your computer desk that you simply do not have time to pull the perfect espresso shot? This can be quite a problem if coffee is your go-to drink.

There are several different quick and easy options that allow you to enjoy a tasty cup of coffee without the wait! Not only can you save time but you do not have to settle for the inferior taste of instant coffee just because you are tied up with work.

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Single Serve Coffee Makers

The Keurig K55, also known as the K-cup, is one of the most convenient single serve coffee makers. It can make a cup great tasting coffee drink in about two minutes from start to finish, while the actual brewing time is under one minute! It is as easy as just putting a pod into the machine and pressing a button! The only downfall to this is that there is a lot of waste so be sure to recycle.


The AeroPress is like a modern and quicker version of the French press, but even smaller and more compact. Also, it makes coffee in only two minutes with an incredible total 30-second brewing time!

Other benefits include that since it is micro-filtered, there are no coffee grind particles passing through into the coffee, leaving a less bitter taste. At the same time, the concentration is roughly the same as an espresso instead of as drip coffee. Just remember an AeroPress uses a grind finer than drip coffee yet coarser than espresso!

Super Automatic Espresso Machines

Super automatic espresso machines are fast and easy but expensive ranging from several hundred dollars to over several thousand dollars. These machines do all the thinking and work for you. There heat and calibrate the water, grind the beans, measure the perfect dosage and make whatever type of coffee you wish at the touch of a button. All this in only 30-45 seconds!

French Press

The French press is an old school way of making coffee. Sometimes keeping things simple tend to give excellent results! This option takes around four minutes and thirty seconds. You have to boil the water, and put this with the coffee grinds into the French press pot and let it sit for a few minutes before being able to enjoy your drink.

It is the most time consuming of these products, but you do not have to be present the whole time. While the coffee is seeping, you can multitask! One additional benefit of the French press is that it is not an electrical appliance meaning it is portable.


If time is of the essence and you need a quality cup of coffee, fast coffee makers are a lifesaver. Manual coffee makers are the easiest and most cost-effective. You save money, time and still give you a great drink. However, if the price is not hurdle, programmable and super automatic coffee machines deliver a great tasting product at the touch of a button. Now you can enjoy your favorite beverage and get back to work ASAP.

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