Fatherly Skills: How To Play Games With Your Kid [Chart]

Being a father is not the simplest of tasks these days. First we have the old school and narrow-minded people telling us a father is not as important as a mother. Then we have the people who generalizing and stereotyping a father’s role by saying no fathers are ever there. Well, for all of you people who are still breathing the dust of ancient history, it’s time to polish your attitude. The fatherly skills of a dad is individual and far from the shotgun statistics you still harbor since the ‘3os.

It’s a serious topic and one that shouldn’t be generalized, that’s for sure. But, when it comes to the more competitive side of things we might just need to educate a few dads out there in the art of playing games. Let me tell you, it is certainly an art to play games with a kid. We should all know that as we have all been kids. Losing a game as a kid when you “know” you are the best at it, is no pleasant feeling. For some kids it can be downright devastating to lose. I think we have all seen them and how their entire world comes apart.

No, your fatherly skills must be refined and attuned to the child’s relevance and reality. It’s not the same as ours, and by no means should it be. They are kids and should be able to dream and feel the awesomeness of winning. Putting your fatherly skills to the test is always a good thing. It presents a way to make sure you are the best dad you can be. Your fatherly skills are constantly tested, just like a mother’s skills are. For all of you dads out there who don’t know how to play games with your kids, maybe it’s time to polish those skills up a bit.

This hilarious infographic, or should I say flowchart, is a great reminder, and for some people, a great guide to master the art of using your fatherly skills to let your kid know how games are supposed to be played with a parent. It’s presented by How To Be A Dad and is called, How To Play Any Game With A Kid (and still respect yourself in the morning) and should not only give your fatherly skills a brush up, but also give you a great smile in all this seriousness.

Simple Guide To Perfect Your Fatherly Skills

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Via: [visual.ly]