Great Sites To Go To When Killing Time On The Internet

Being productive 24/7 is hard and studies proved that taking a break is actually better for your productivity. The internet with all its content is the best place to go to when you are studying, looking for information, and the best when it comes to killing some free time you have. Boredom is the key for creativity, even Steve Jobs believed so and we all know how that turned out. There are some websites that will give you useful information and some useless websites to just enjoy your free time worry-free. Netflix, Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp could get boring, if you are looking for a change, we have collected some great websites that you can kill some time with.

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Internet movie database is one of the most famous and interesting websites that you could waste time on reviewing your to-watch list. The website offers information about tv-shows and movies, ratings, suggestions to match your taste. The best thing about this website is that it lets you create your own lists such as watch list, favorite directors, favorite movies or series, and more.

NSA Haiku Generator

Someone wouldn’t think that NSA and poetry can’t be combined, however, this site made it possible. Haiku is a Japanese form of art with no rhythm, just short lines of brilliance. Translating haiku into English doesn’t ever go well. Using random NSA’s words into a haiku, you can generate amazing poems with just a click. Random words are used from the database of NASA of terms that they use to scare terrorist.


From discussion forums to web content ratings, Reddit is the perfect website to waste some time on. Reddit includes a variety of topics from music, videos, science, videogames, books, fitness, news, and food. With even the strict rules that the website has, it didn’t stop members from going into dark humor and being “edgy”. This website is full of good memes you can save to use later on Twitter. “The front page of the internet” is known for aggressive and heated discussions.


The American company Buzzfeed was founded on viral content; news, media, and entertainment content, but it’s commonly known for its quizzes. You can find everything on this website from technology, politics, animals, relationships advice, and even business.

The Useless Website

If you got tired of productivity and want to surf the internet aimlessly, the useless website is the option for you. The interesting thing about this website that it takes you to a different site every single time you click on it. It was originally made as web humor where it consisted of a list of useless websites, like a dog licking the page or other endless random websites.


If you are looking for some webcomics that are somehow geeky, Dilbert is the place for you. The website’s character is kind of geeky with a technical mind, he has personal problems that could relatable to everyone. The poor romantic life and social skills are appealing somehow for the viewers.


If you are looking to waste some time on the internet playing poker, there are many websites that you can go to. Betting without registering, no account casinos are popular in Finland to make use of. You get to enjoy your time while having chances of winning fast. Just one thing to make sure is that you never share your credit card information with an untrusted website and be careful. Get to know the sites first and do further research.


The London animation studio stimulated a project where you get to play ‘Victor Frankenstein’ or the role of God. The best thing about this website is how they managed to gather animation and interactivity together. It’s weirdly entertaining to live in the classic story that Mary Shelley created.

The Symphony of Blockchain

The 3D visualization and audio will take your breath away with its mesmerizing amazing style and informative content. The visuals will help you understand the most complicated subjects about Bitcoin and many more form the tech world. With each block you click on, information will pop up with amazing music in the background.

The Internet Is Your Cure For Boredom

We all need some time off work, the internet is an awesome place to waste time on when you have nothing to do. There is always something to be offered from information about literally everything, music, games, entertaining videos, books, news, and many other things. Scrolling through Twitter can get boring, don’t be mistaken your boredom with your social media as boredom with the whole internet. The Internet is a place to find many interesting things when you really know where to look.

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