Gross Foods That You Want To Eat Anyway [Infographic]

There are foods out there that I wouldn’t even go near even if my life depended on it. Well, maybe not that, but if I had a choice, I would rather have something else. I recently saw a TED speech about how the foods we are eating can’t be sustained in the future due to land mass, pollution and the way we produce it. Therefore, we have to flip our diets upside down in order to be able to feed the world and still keep ourselves healthy and well.

The fact that we’ll at some point have to accept weird foods like larva and bugs doesn’t feel too exciting; however, it is a necessary step in order for the earth to be able to keep providing food for us all. Of course, it wouldn’t be like going to the store buying a bowl of caterpillar larva, no, it would instead come as larva meatballs and stuff like that.

Better Health Innovations (BHI) put together a really interesting infographic about what we could eat and still be healthy. They are nutrition rich foods that provide us with lots of protein and fiber which are essential for us to have a productive day. The foods may not be very pleasant or appealing, but at some point, humanity will have to switch gears on what we are stuffing into our mouths.

There are plenty of alternatives to this out there, of course, but they still come from the insect flora and will most likely gross out most of the people that are trying to eat it. You should also remember that there are places in Asia where these kinds of foods are very common and just a popular as our yummy burgers. So once you have accepted the fact that you will have to change your diet, I am sure it will be all good, at least after a while. I just hope we won’t have to switch diets in a few lifetimes ahead of us or that the switch will be somewhat slow. Really slow!

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Gross Foods With High Nutrition