Holiday Activity In Canada – Best Spots To Visit

A culturally diversified, linguistically unique, naturally mesmerizing, and technologically progressive country known as the Great White North possesses the best tourist attractions globally. The aesthetics of Canada are so catchy that hundreds and thousands of visitors spend their vacations in this naturally blessed country.

A big chunk of these visitors fell in love with its beauty and became its permanent residents forever. You can also become one by appearing in a test followed by other legal procedures. Practice Canadian citizenship test to maximize your chances of becoming a part of this beautiful country. Here’s why you should move to Canada Now!

Canada has tons of spots that usually confuse the travelers in deciding what to visit and what not to— the regret of leaving a single beautiful space untapped will be countless. That’s why we have developed a short list of aesthetically pleasing locations considering multiple factors, including affordability, accessibility, scenery that makes it worth watching, and many more.

Let’s dive into it.

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A perfect blend of natural and manmade aesthetics. This place is so amazing that a lot of Hollywood scenes and celebrities find their first love here. After visiting, the background of tons of Hollywood marvels will revolve in front of your eyes. Due to this level of immersive involvement in the entertainment industry, it’s famously known as ‘Hollywood North.’

Outdoor activity opportunities are abundangt here. From skiing on Grouse mountains, enjoying at Kitsilano beach, and roamin in the world-renowned museums. From May to September, this area remains free from snow. While in the remaining months of the year, snowfall can also be enjoyed.

Niagara Falls

If you ever visit Canada, never forget this mind-blowing masterpiece of nature located in the heart of Ontario— a location holding more than 14 million people, which is way higher than the total population of more than 100 countries in the world. The fantastic view from the helicopter can leave you mouth-opened while a lovely walk along the fall will shun you. If you are daring enough, then go in the center by riding over a ship. That will be the best moment of your life.

Don’t forget to capture these moments as memories are usually priceless. If you are a hiking lover, then Niagara Glen Nature Centre is meant for you.

Quebec City

If you are confused about visiting Europe or Canada, don’t spend a moment more and make yourself ready for Canada. Why? Because Quebec City is just like a mini-Europe. Filled with countless attractions and mesmerizing centuries-old buildings will be a treat to watch. Once you are done with bustling urban attractions, plan a trip towards Montmorency Falls parks housing a mighty 272 ft tall waterfall.

Prince Edward Islands

If you are a damn lover of greenery and tasty seafood is your weakness, then spending a few days of your vocations at Prince Edward Island is a must. Once done with enjoying the bounties of delicious seafood and sunshine at calm beaches, golf courses are waiting for you. Red sandstone cliffs will always be there to appease your visuals.


This place is as beautiful as its name. It is the capital of Canada’s Yukon territory, neighboring Miles Canyon— a natural world wonder. Miles Canyon is a few miles away from the capital— a foot walk will be more appealing.

The Bottom Line

There are as many tourist attractions in Canada as one can think of— from Mont-Tremblant to Toronto, Cape Breton Highlands to Gros Morne National Parks, and countless others. If you are interested in exploring more about Canada, don’t forget to check out these most underrated marvels of Canada.

As Ralph Waldo has rightly said, “Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.”

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