How (And Why) To Move To Canada From The USA

Remember when Dubya was running back in ‘04? A lot of people back then were talking big game about how they would make a beeline for the exits toward the Great White North. And while we are at it, do you remember the hordes of Americans who promised to evacuate the premises as soon as The Almighty Donald himself went about Making America Great Again (some say we are pretty darn great, so it’s all a little confusing, but I digress)?

Well, it turns out those people stuck around! A study by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada indicates that the actual numbers do not live up the hype. Indeed, between 2016 and 2017, there was only a 3.6% increase in the number of Americans seeking permanent residence in Canada.1816 applications in 2016, 1882 in 2017. A grand increase of 66 people. Oh well.

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Change Of Mind?

Those who have stuck around haven’t had an easy couple of years, so it might be about time to pack our Kimonos and leave, really leave! And why not? Let’s look at some reasons why we should be swimming across the Saint Lawrence;

1. Our Politics Suck

This is kinda hard not to see. There is always some silly junket going on in Washington. The swamp has been getting murkier for years now, despite assurances by our leaders that the drain train is on its way there. Also, most of us are a little tired of the tweets, so why not leave already. In Canada, politicians have class. Trudeau does not spend a lot of time on Twitter, and that must be a great thing for Canadians. Just imagine a head of state that is not finger-happy! Also, the Canucks aren’t that excited about shipping people right back where they came from, and that’s gotta count for something, eh?

2. They Kind Of Like Diversity Over There

Quite unlike us, or so it would seem. Generally, Canadians have plenty of love for foreigners. 20% of the residents of Canada were born in other countries. What this means is that you are going to be meeting a lot of diverse people out there, something that is fast dwindling in the US of A. Too bad we make up just a little over 3% of the total migrant population over there. Yeah, we are getting totally owned by people from Asia and the Pacific part of the world…

3. No Rats In Alberta, Yay!

If you are from the Big Apple, then you know where I’m going with this. Do you remember the old myth that NYC has five times as many people as rats? Well, that myth was good while people believed in it, but not anymore. The city in 2014 was believed to have about 2 million rats, which is basically a rat for every four people or so (So now 4 years later…  They should have more!). Now compare that to Alberta, which, in 2014 had only 16 confirmed sightings of rats, including pets (Which are illegal)! In fact, rats are so feared that the province actually has a hotline for people to call when they spot the critters. Here, 310-RATS (7287).

Generally, Canada Is Bae

From great summers to awesome snacks and some of the kindest people on earth to sites to even save money on SAXX underwear, it is hard to argue with that assertion!

So, How Do You Get There?

I’m definitely moving up north’, said singer Ne-Yo to TMZ in the wake of Trump’s victory. Snoop Dogg asked Drake for a hook up’ on some Canadian property and they are by no means alone. Easy to say, but is it really that doable?

Turns out that it’s not as easy as most Americans think. You will need to look for an immigration package that works for you, and the most common ones have something to do with work, school or what they refer to as the family sponsorship package. There are visas for skilled workers, self-employed people, and entrepreneurs capable of creating jobs for the locals. For students, there must be proof that they are law abiding citizens, can pay for their education, living expenses and fare back home. Finally, you can get in via a relative who is a citizen or permanent resident.

The above options, of course, come with stringent conditions at every level and are subject to multi-tiered levels of bureaucracy.  It is by no means a simple or guaranteed process. Okay, looks kinda hard, everybody stay put!

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