How To Clean Vinyl Siding – The Best Ways To Maintain Your Cladding

The main advantage of vinyl siding is that the panels are not susceptible to mold and fungus. However, dirt, dust, soot can still accumulate on its surface. Thus, the facade requires care and should be regularly washed to retain its original look. Let’s explore the common methods of how to clean vinyl siding.

Vinyl siding is less prone to dirt than a number of other cladding materials, however, even it needs to be cleaned at least once a year, so the following tips on how to clean vinyl siding will help you cope with this household task and enhance the cleanliness of your facade. Using a regular garden spray hose is the best way to clean vinyl panels since cleaning the siding with a strong jet of a pressure washer can cause water to get trapped behind the siding, and this moisture will begin to destroy the integrity of your walls and also impact the comfort of staying inside the house.

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In order to get rid of debris on horizontal or vertical siding, you can mix water with dish detergent. This handmade soapy solution will effectively eliminate the dirt, mud, soot, delivering superior quality. First, dampen the siding with clean water, then spray it with a warm soapy solution.

Or you may pick a commercial cleaner intended specifically for vinyl care. To wash off some spots of grime, you can also apply a soft cloth, a soft bristle brush, or a mop. Most experts in home renovations recommend dividing the surface into small zones and washing these areas of siding one by one.

When Is The Best Time For Cleaning Your Cladding?

Regardless of whether you have aluminum siding, vinyl or wood options, the main advice is to pay attention to the appearance of your home exterior at least once a year. Thus, you can be sure that the facade looks great and does not need repair or replacement. As a rule, it is most convenient to clean the panels in the summer. Warm, sunny weather will help slow the growth of new mildew and prevent staining, ensuring evenly drying. When it comes to vinyl panels, if properly cared for it, the siding can last for decades, providing you with the following benefits:

  • strength and durability;
  • the vibrant color o that will not fade due to sunlight impact;
  • panels will not deform or crack due to the influence of excessive moisture, exposure to temperatures, etc.

Apply Only Appropriate Vinyl Siding Cleaners And Tools To Avoid Damage

Remember that scouring powders that contain abrasive particles can seriously damage siding, impairing your property value, aesthetics, and normal function. Vinyl siding is not able to withstand the effects of certain cleaning powders for a long time, which means that you must take into account the fact that even abrasive-free vinyl siding cleaner shouldn’t be left on the surface for more than ten minutes.

Many homeowners choose an easier and immediate path for blasting soot, grime, fungus, ignoring simple cleaning and care guide. And as a result, such an approach causes moisture intrusion, discoloration of panels, siding deterioration.

If there are any issues that can no longer be eliminated with maintenance practices, and severe stains or stubborn dirt cannot be liquidated in a hassle-free manner, then it is better to invest in a new home remodeling project. Dedicated and committed to quality experts from UBrothersConstruction company can upgrade your exterior quickly and at fair prices.

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