How To Choose The Right Water Damage Company

Water damage can devastate homes and commercial properties, leaving them completely unusable. Invasive water leads to many health and safety risks, such as mold, weakness in a building’s structural integrity and malfunctioning electrical systems. Whether the problems are caused by plumbing issues, floods, rainwater breaking through gaps or anything else, a reliable water damage service is essential.

However, finding the best company to help you is an important choice: you’re putting a lot of responsibility on them, and need to feel reassured that they’re capable of doing the job right. So, how do you pick the right team for your domestic or commercial property?

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Check Their Experience

You want to work with a water damage business that boasts years in the industry. An experienced team will offer the following benefits:

  • In-depth knowledge of different issues
  • A wide range of training on various tools/pieces of equipment
  • Be able to identify problems/risks and work quicker
  • Have built a solid reputation in the local community
  • Will be able to present proof of previous projects
  • Should work well as a team, for greater efficiency

As you can see, a well-established, long-standing company can prove invaluable when tending to water damage on all scales. If the business has completed a number of different jobs on different types of property, you will be able to check out reviews or gather feedback from previous clients.

This helps you form a better idea of what they’ll be able to do for your home or business; it’s far less of a risk than going with an inexperienced team.

Ask When They’Re Available

Water damage can occur at any time — sadly, structures and the elements have little regard for your convenience or lifestyle. The last thing you want when trying to find the best water damage experts is for prospective companies to be unavailable. Businesses catering to customers in their local area 24 hours a day are a more reliable option, as you know you’ll be able to speak with a specialist round the clock.

You’ll gain real peace of mind and get the ball rolling on your water damage straight away. This makes it easier to start organizing other necessary arrangements, whether that’s alternative accommodation or a temporary workspace for your employees.

Look Into Their Certifications

You should only choose a business that’s licensed, bonded and insured. Beware of low-rate operatives with no certification or credentials listed on their site — they may not have any training, experience or coverage.

A good business will provide details of their certification and licenses on their website, and be willing to shed more light on each when asked. Take the time to look into this before you employ anyone, or you could hire someone who will make the problem worse.

Do They Use The Best Equipment?

Professional, dedicated water damage businesses invest in the best, most cutting-edge equipment they can afford. Along with the right training, good tools help experts work to the highest standard and achieve the results you expect.

Water damage companies which have been operating for years will likely have invested in great equipment, and ensure their employees know exactly how to use it. Consider discussing this topic with any business catching your eye; they may be willing to talk about the type of tools and machinery your specific problem demands.

If they’re hesitant to talk about their gear, they may not feel too happy about its condition or performance — a potential sign it’s not up to the task.

Location, Location, Location

Reliable water damage firms tend to cover a wide area, catering to domestic and commercial clients in different locations. As a result, they can provide essential help to homeowners and businesses quickly; there’s no need to wait for long hours or even days for them to arrive. You want to know the professionals are available to put things right with as little delay as possible.

This is especially true for commercial customers: unusable offices, factories or workshops mean disrupted services — and your finances could take a hit.

Choose a company that covers a broad area and can get to you in good time. Reputable businesses tend to list the locations they work within on their websites or will let you know if they can help you with a quick call.

Good Customer Service Is Essential

There’s nothing worse than being let down by a water damage business when you’re desperate for professional help. Floods, leaks and more severe problems can be absolutely terrifying, upsetting and destructive. Your home or business site may end up looking completely different, even unrecognizable.

You’ll feel vulnerable. You’ll feel tired. You’ll feel stressed. An ethical water damage team will recognize this and be committed to providing good customer service in every case.

Fortunately, the internet makes it easy to research any business you’re thinking of hiring. Online reviews written by previous customers offer an insight into the level of service you can expect from the team. They may have even experienced the exact same water-related problem as you, helping you make an even more informed choice.

Companies tend to feature customer testimonials on their websites as well, covering different aspects of their service. Take a look around and do your research: this could make a big impact on the quality of work you end up with.


We’ve explored the most important factors to consider when searching for the best water damage business, and it’s critical that you bear them in mind before rushing into a decision.

A licensed, insured, bonded company is a priority: you need to trust them with your property at every step of the process. Look into their background, their credentials, their previous projects and the equipment they use. This may all take a little time, but it’s well worthwhile.

And don’t be shy about asking your potential water damage business questions — good ones will want to give you all the details you need to feel satisfied.

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