How To: Speed Read – The Complete Guide

Usually when we humans gather information, we do it by reading it. Sounds and pictures are of course another way to gather information, and they are ultimately the fastest ways since the way our brain processes that information is more automatic. However, when we read we have to use calculations to remember and convert the information into an understandable form. This is why reading can sometimes be a lot slower than just hearing a sound or looking at a picture where the information is instantly connected to something that we have heard or seen before thus automatically skipping the process of recognition.

This is, however, something that you can train yourself to do and become fast at. It just takes time to manage the enormous information flow that is going through your brain as you read and trying to make sense of it. The trick is really a form of skipping what you already know and what you are not interested in at that particular time since it doesn’t bring anything to the full picture that you are trying to puzzle together.

So how do you do it? It happens through a series of exercises that will enable you to instantly scan through vast amounts of information without having to spend too much time paying attention to the full content of it. In this small article, I have included several exercises that will help you learn these methods and ultimately speed up your reading skills.