iBoy: Apple Has Innovated Life Yet Again

What will Apple come up with next? That seems to be the question that is surfacing on the Internet pretty much all the time. It doesn’t really matter if they have just released a new product or a new model of a previous product, this still seems to be the question that everyone is pondering. Has Apple really done so much for humanity that we constantly need to embrace the thought that something new and innovative might come out of the dungeons of the sometimes legendary Apple?

It’s like we can’t live without the anticipation of a new Apple product. Can’t innovation come from anywhere else than Apple? Shouldn’t that be the question we ask ourselves on a daily basis instead? Wouldn’t that be better for the competition and the technology landscape as a whole? Well, until the day comes when another company actually releases products that make the same waves as those of Apple, I think we’ll have to stick to this particular thought pattern for now.

Plenty of elaborate Apple spoofs have been created and gone viral over the past few years, and I don’t think we’ll see an end to it anytime soon. As a matter of fact, I think it is the sole reason why Apple’s products are so darn successful. Sure, they are well made and solid and all that, but I think the free marketing that comes with the viral spoof videos and images, even though they are sometimes a little bit over the edge or even making fun of their products, actually work to their advantage.

The iBoy must be Apple’s greatest achievement so far. That is, if it were real. This spoof which makes fun of the iPad and the iPad 2 is actually a lot of fun, and even after watching this, I could see myself going out to buy the second generation iPad. But isn’t the rapid release schedule of upgrades and new innovations hurting Apple more than collecting long term customers? I am no salesman, and I am definitely not briefed on the Apple finances and trends, but it seems to me that they would have a somewhat larger customer base that would be pleased with their products if they didn’t have to constantly upgrade their new device every 6 months or so just to stay trendy. It’s just my two cents… but then again, their making quite a profit as it is, and after all, they do support the older models with their software so maybe it’s a win win situation. However, I am a little bummed that i can’t download the newest iOS onto my first generation monochrome iPod. Hm…

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