If You’re Bored Of The Internet, Try The Outernet Instead!

If you have been using the Internet since it became popular sometime during the late ’80s or the beginning of the ’90s, you know that it has changed significantly since then. Our entire society revolves around it now, and seemingly every technology company is putting some effort into converting their products into online gadgets. It doesn’t matter if it is a toaster or the latest smartphone, they are all being modified with each model, and it won’t be long before you can’t even buy a gadget or appliance without having to plug it into the Internet. The Internet has become so popular that we now spend more time online than we spend outside in the real world. That means that we’re actually online even when we’re outside.

Every once in a while, every human being is in need of some physical interaction and so he or she ventures out into the reality. Reality…what is that even? I mean, our reality is now online, right? So what is left of our other reality is rapidly diminishing. But if you find yourself sick and tired of the Internet, I suggest you have a look at the Outernet. Yup, there is one, and it existed even before the Internet did.

It was the fabric of our existence, and now we’re abandoning it like it’s a ship about to go down. Have a look at this creative drawing of our reality by John Atkinson of Wrong Hands and see for yourself. What we previously called reality, we are now calling the Outernet instead. The different facilities and local gathering hubs can easily be compared to online services and forums. It’s not a stretch to believe that all that the Outernet has to offer will soon be available online. Even shipping physical products will be able to be done with a 3D printer which we’re seeing exceptional developments in these days. So, if you’re sick of the Internet, bored even, take a few minutes and enjoy the Outernet, for it will not be around for much longer unfortunately.