Keep Your Home Cool During Summer Heatwave

Keeping your home cool during a summer heatwave is crucial. All across the world, millions of people suffer from heat intolerances. During months with soaring temperatures, paramedics say that they see a higher rise in deaths, and this is why it is so important to protect your family from extreme levels of heat. Prevention is better than cure, and rather than having to deal with the aftermath of a relative suffering a heat intolerance, prevent it in the first place.

This page will seek to tell you a few ways that you can keep your home and your family cool during a summer heatwave. The sun can be a lot of fun, providing that it is in moderation. Here is how you can keep your home cool during a summer heatwave.

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Air Conditioning

Air-conditioning is crucial if you wish to make your home a more comfortable and welcoming environment. According to one team of professionals responsible for servicing aircons in Singapore, there is a huge demand growing for air conditioning units, and that is because of their convenience and availability. Air conditioning units can cool your home down even on the hottest of days and make your home a much more liveable and relaxing place.

During a heatwave, air conditioning can be a lifesaver. As was previously mentioned, heat intolerance can quite often result in hospitalization. Air conditioning can serve as a preventative measure to heat intolerance and heat stroke. Air conditioning units are not expensive and can be quite economical, actually. If you cannot afford one and are on state-funded benefits, then the government issues air conditioning units for free. Rather than suffer in silence, contact a local government body or home-supply shop and arrange to pick up an air conditioning unit today.


A dehumidifier is a fantastic way to cool down your house. Humidity is often the catalyst behind feeling insufferably hot on a warm day, and by reducing the humidity you will be able to make your home a much more comfortable environment. Dehumidifiers are not very expensive and occasionally come as part of an air conditioning unit package.

Investing in a dehumidifier is a fantastic way to ensure that you are cool in your home, and your home is not scorching. Mould is also a by-product of humidity. If you allow the humidity levels in your home to grow, then you risk toxic mold forming and risk compromising the health of all of your family.


Fans are the archetypical solution to hot weather. Unfortunately, they seldom work as they simply distribute hot air. A solution to this is to attach wet flannels to the rear of your fan. Your fan will then blow out cold air instead of warm air. If you are not eligible for a government air conditioning unit and cannot afford an air conditioning unit, then this can be an innovative way to cool yourself down. Setting these wet-flannel fans up around your home can be a great way to cool down your family.

Keep The Curtains Drawn

Surprisingly, keeping the curtains drawn can reduce the temperature inside your home. If you allow the curtains to remain open, the sunlight will be able to get into the rooms of your home and raise the temperature. Keeping the curtains drawn, while not a traditional solution, is a solution nonetheless.

When using this method in combination with other methods listed here you will be able to drastically reduce the temperature inside your home. You must remember to keep a window open, however, even with the curtains drawn, to allow for an air current.

A Cold Water Bottle

Rather than filling your hot water bottle with hot water, fill it with cold water and ice. A cold water bottle can be very comforting to have on a boiling hot day, and if you keep by your feet at all times, you will be able to keep yourself consistently cool and ensure that you do not get too warm. Most of our heat is released through our feet, so by keeping our feet cool, we will keep our entire bodies cool.

Cotton Bedsheets

Cotton is a breathable texture that can keep you very cool. In the hottest countries in the world, you will see that cotton is the typical bedsheet. Invest in cotton bedsheets if you want to keep you and your family cool during an insufferably hot summer. Egyptian cotton is the best of the best and can keep you cool and comfortable.

Now you know a few solutions to a hot summer. Keeping your house cool during summer is imperative to your health and to your comfortableness. Suffering for four months while you wait for winter is no longer an option with this handy guide.

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