The Latest Sauna Trends You Should Know About

Saunas have long been proven to provide various health benefits such as helping to alleviate stress and relieve physical, mental, and emotional tension. A large number of countries around the world have sauna rituals, whether they be for coping with cold weather conditions or boosting physical and mental health, saunas have a long history. Saunas help people to sweat out toxins, relax their muscles, and escape from their busy lives.

There are many different types of sauna including underground saunas, smoke saunas, and chimney saunas, and they continue to evolve in a variety of ways.  Here are the latest sauna trends you should know about.

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Home Saunas

As saunas have gained popularity across the globe, there are more and more people who have invested in their own home saunas. The experts at explain that there are various types of sauna therapies that people with their own sauna can choose from.

For example, aromatherapy with essential oils and chromotherapy with lights are two of the most popular options treatments for home sauna owners. There are many perks to having a sauna at home such as the ability to implement different features and add-ons to make your sauna experience more personalized.

Sauna Exercise

Combining sauna time with exercise is one of the fastest-growing trends among sauna lovers and people who are looking for a more active lifestyle. In contrast to traditional yoga and tai chi classes, exercising in a sauna is incredibly intense and raises the difficulty of the workout immeasurably.

The hot, humid conditions mean that the people work out sweat extensively and use up a lot of calories which dramatically increases the results. For activities like yoga and pilates, doing them in a sauna helps to loosen up the joints and muscles allowing for greater flexibility and deeper stretches.

Sauna And Hot Springs Vacations

Taking a vacation to a hot spring and sauna resort has been very popular for hundreds of years, particularly in Europe and East Asia. In the past in Europe it was known as “taking the waters” and wealthy people, in particular, would do it regularly for its perceived health benefits. Now, with the help of modern science, it has proven that it really is healthy and so more and more are bringing this tradition back. Japan has some amazing traditional spas located in beautiful valleys and cherry blossoms.

Outdoor Saunas

Homeowners with spacious outdoor areas can install outdoor saunas in which to relax. Outdoor saunas are usually initially more costly than indoor saunas since they require more materials and equipment during the installation process.

Before saunas were moved indoors into spas, bathhouses, gyms, hotels, and residential homes, they always used to be outdoors. Building an outdoor sauna in your backyard can add serious value to your house.

Combinations Saunas And Showers

These days, in residential homes, more and more people are installing combined sauna and shower systems for various practical reasons. Installing a new combined system takes up significantly less space than having a separate sauna and shower which allows you to plan your home and bathroom better. This minimizes the space that is needed to create a personal spa in your home.

Mini Saunas

As seen above, saving space is a big consideration for many people, and if you have limited living space but still adore sauna time, mini saunas are perfect for you. Mini saunas are generally for one person at a time with similar characteristics and features to home saunas. Mini saunas are made in small sizes and are often highly portable, and so they require both a minimum amount of space and also minimum installation whilst still providing the same health benefits as a traditional sauna.

Saunas For Health And Immunity Boosts

Frequent sauna bathing can provide many health benefits including eliminating harmful toxins via skin pores and through sweat glands to increase immunity levels. In many cases, people report that they feel better and experience less cold and flu cases with frequent uses of saunas. As saunas are recognized as a health benefiting activity, more and more people are using them to improve their immune systems and fight against the common cold.

Every culture in the world has its own versions of sauna such as the Japanese onsen, the Arabic hammam, the Native American sweat lodge, the Russian banya, and the European sauna. With various health benefits including stress-relief and detoxification, saunas are constantly being developed with more aesthetic designs, and more advanced therapies and functions.

Sauna trends might change from time to time, but the important roles of saunas will not. Saunas will always be a place where people can relax and spend quality time alone or with other people while enjoying all the health and relaxation benefits.

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